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“You’re bad for America,”  Ted Koppel told Sean Hannity.  A 45-minute interview came down to 90-seconds of speech.  Hannity is furious.

Koppel conducted an interview with Hannity.  Ted asked whether people believed what he (Hannity) said, or whether they formed their own thoughts.  Hannity believes people are smart enough to know that he is an opinion column.  His program is not journalism.

You’re bad for America

Hannity asked whether Koppel thought he was “bad for America.”   To his surprise, Koppel said yes.  Opinion shows attract people based on “ideology over fact.”  Hannity opined the perceived insult using Twitter.

Hannity accused Koppel’s show of being “edited fake news.” Koppel does not claim to host a news show.  He hosts an opinion/ editorial show.  If Hannity’s accusations hold merit, then he is accusing himself of being fake.

This is why “You are bad for America”

Ted Koppel went on to explain how Sean Hannity is very skilled.  He is good at what he does.  So, people trust him, even though his words are opinions.  Even worse:  His actions are paid programming, without the label.  Most opinion news shows are the same.  They preach what is scripted.

But, good story tellers are difficult to find.  Understanding a good story teller is like describing a good teacher, or Heaven.  It is something that can not be defined.  But, you know it when you see it.  Nevertheless, Hannity did not hear the compliment.  He remained irritated.

Hannity to Koppel:  “You’re not a journalist.”   He called him a “hypocrite.”  Meanwhile, Hannity professed himself to be an “advocacy journalist.”   But a wolf in sheep’s clothing…

Really:  “You’re bad for America”

Sean is still furious that he went onto a liberal show and left it with personal injury to his dignity.  He cited several examples of how Koppel is hypocritical and senseless.  His evidence were the actions of Dan Rather, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton.  It is unfortunate for him that neither of those leaders were in the interview.  He was.  Yet, he still did the best he could to spin the event into his own narrative.

Ted Koppel to Hannity:  “I don’t pretend that I’m fair, balanced and objective. You do.  You exposed yourself as agenda-driven and hypocritical.”   The Hannity claimed that “journalism is dead.”

Hannity’s final demand to Koppel

“If you… have the courage, release the entire unedited footage–let America decide.”

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