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  1.  President Trump wants a bipartisan effort on healthcare reform.  It will be difficult for the president to joint effort when he wants to replace the Democrats’ signature healthcare plan, the Affordable Care Act.  Yet, he plans to put aside the “little things” to find common ground.
  2. President Trump calls for more work on immigration.  He declared that comprise on both sides will enable for a good immigration bill.  The president said that he is open to new ideas on how to allow for a path to citizenship.
  3. Airports are actively looking for volunteer lawyers to help understand the president’s travel ban.  As early as Wednesday a new ban could begin.  Despite the recent court rulings, President Trump is proposing a new resolution to vet and/or ban people travelling from Muslim countries.
  4. The democrats are trying to understand how to take back the presidency.  After a great showing in his address to congress, President Trump seems likely to be an eight year president.  The democrat strategy is to secure governorship in Virginia and then to hold on to swing states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.  New laws are being proposed to change voting districts.
  5. Cloud problems upset Amazon customers.  Although few sites went completely down, thousands of companies suffered from partial collapse of online storage.  As Amazon grows it faces serious pains.  Is a split in sight?
  6. Protesters in Canada cry foul play over the new Trump tower in Vancouver.  The Trump family believes that Canada is a great venture for the company despite many protests.  People holding signs saying “LOVE TRUMPS HATE” asked the government to prevent the venture.
  7. Apple is still strong.  Steve Jobs did many amazing things.  But, the I-phone has proven to be the most amazing.  This is because I-phones users stay the brand like a religious cult.  Although Apple is not changing, it is still producing.
  8. A multimillion dollar deal was struck with the Obamas and Penguin Books.  The publisher will produce books written by Michelle and Barrack Obama.  Being president may be challenging, but the book deals may be worth all the trouble.
  9. Raw cookie dough is the newest craze in New York City.  Something that children used to do behind their parents backs, is the latest trend.    People are even waiting in long lines at DO Cookie Dough Confections to eat raw cookie dough.
  10. The president may deny Climate Change, but most people are noticing earlier springs and warmer winters.  At the very least, the weather is in an awkward state.  How long will summer be this year?