UniteBlue, a social media organization, has invited its subscribers and followers to join in on discussions this Sunday evening.  Starting at 8 pm EST/ 5 pm PST, users may join the conversations about Russia, Flynn, FBI, Taxes, Wikileaks, and the Intelligence Dossier.  People interested in watching or participating in the discussion may directly go to @UniteBlue on twitter, then wait to see the newest hashtag.  All discussions will be with that new hashtag, but conversations must start after 8 pm EST.

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What are these issues and why are they still relevant to UniteBlue?

UniteBlue will discuss that the NSA and the CIA have accepted the fact that Russia has interfered with democratic elections.  Russia espionage has been used to attack the French and German elections as well.  Although the ulterior motive can not be certain, but thing remains true.  Russia is a communist society with a dictator as its leader.  America is a democracy with a president as its leader.  Both countries have been quietly at odds with one another since the end of World War II.

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The fact that Russian agents have creatively infiltrated democratic social media raises great concern for UniteBlue.  President Trump belittles “Fake News,” but the actual fake news came from Russia, Turkey, and a few third world countries.  In addition to these unreal sources, foreign governments have been paying American citizens to be lobbyists.  In our own government, Americans have been “selling themselves” and the American people for what may to equivalent to “30 silver pieces.”  Citizens deserve the truth.

Russia is not the only concern

For this reason, UniteBlue believes that the president’s tax returns are even more important.  Is the president indebted to foreign leaders?  Is he independently wealthy, or is he actually broke?  Why has he chosen so many leaders with ties to Russia?  Who else is tied to foreign governments?

Attorney Sessions and Michael Flynn lied under oath.  That should mean something.  If we expect our leaders to make commitments, we must hold them to those commitments.  Honor is what honor does.

The Intelligence Dossier

Finally, the Intelligence Dossier, which was first released by BuzzFeed, has many facts within it, according to UniteBlue.  This may prove many illegal actions by government leaders.  First, the president denied its legitimacy.  BuzzFeed claimed that all news outlets had access to it, but could not substantiate its accusations.  Regardless of the motives of news outlets, one thing is clear:  What the president does not like receives vicious backlash, like exclusion from White House access.

These are troubling times, only if good people do not take action.  As the Washington Post asserts “Democracy dies in darkness.”  I am reminded by a simple song called This Little Light of Mine.  Let your light shine.  Do not give in to anything you deem is wrong.  Join the conversation tonight, or read about it in the morning.