According to White House administrators, President Trump did not tell Vice President Pence that he was considering relieving Michael Flynn of his duties.  Soon, after his phone call with the FBI, Flynn wrote his resignation.  Law enforcement officials wanted to know more details about the allegations that Flynn discussed sanctions with a Russian ambassador prior to Trump taking office.  However, the Trump administration was mostly concerned that Flynn had lied to Vice President Mike Pence.

Sean Spicer, spokesman for the WH, shared an “eroding level of trust” between Flynn and government leaders.  This came after Pence had given a recent endorsement of Flynn.  It is unclear why the president permitted Michael Flynn to stay in office for so long when he knew weeks ago that Flynn was not completely truthful with the vice president.

Kellyanne Conway has maintained that the president had complete trust in Mr. Flynn all the way up to his resignation.  According to the Associate Press, Congressman Lindsey Graham (R-Sen) wanted to determine the extent of the matters:  was Flynn “acting with direction from the president or others.”

Reports indicate that the president is angry with his staff for allowing this information to poorly reflect the administration.  Marc Lotter, spokesman for the vice president, claimed that Pence only learned of the resignation and lies after it was reported in the news.  The president was informed on the 26th of January, by the acting Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, that the intelligence agency knew of inconsistencies involving Flynn and his statements.  The FBI also informed Flynn of these potential problems later that day.

Trump has been tacitly vetting three aids for replacement of Flynn for the past three weeks.  The president had been preparing for both scenarios.  One would be Flynn’s clearance.  Another would be his dismissal.

Cover:  AP/ Julie Pace and Vivian Salama (J. Lemire, E. Tucker, K. Thomas, J. Colvin, E. Werner, C. Lucey)