Wiretap Gate:  Director James Comey said that he can not support President Trump’s accusation that Obama placed a wiretap on this phone.  This comes in response to the president’s tweets about the case.  Among those tweets were accusations that suggested the president had proof.  Especially, since he used the words “facts” and “evidence.”

Wiretap Gate Investigation

At one point, the president even suggested that a law suit may arise from the issue.  “I have no information that supports those tweets,” Comey told the House Intelligence Committee.  He also expressed that no president has the power or authority to place a wiretap on a given individual.

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In addition to the Wiretap Gate announcement that the FBI can not support the president’s claims, Comey announced the state’s inquiry into Russian collusion.  The FBI will investigate links between the Trump campaign and Russia.

If not wiretap, then what?

Comey also publicly confirmed that his agency is investigating alleged collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.  It will determine whether any crimes may have been committed during last year’s election cycle.  Although there is only circumstantial evidence to support this investigation, American people are concerned about Russia’ involvement.
wiretap gate with Obama and Trump
Director Mike Rogers, National Security Agency, explained the intimate links that may exist between Russian meddling and the election.  At the moment, there is only circumstantial evidence.  House Republicans may be worried if the results show that Russia was openly involved.  However, it is more troubling for the U.S.A as a whole if this is true.

Leaked News

The irony about the “leaked information” is relevant with regards to NSA advisor, Michael Flynn.  The leaks showed that Flynn lied about his involvement with Sergey Kislyak, a Russian ambassador.  This leaves the American public wondering whether Flynn would still be in office had the leaks not come forth.  But Republicans assert it was a crime to leak his name.  This is against protocol and the law.  Comey did lament the leaking of classified reports as “terrible,” while neither confirming nor denying their existence.
South Carolina Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy suggested that leaking these materials “most definitely is a crime.”  Democratic leader Adam Schiff  said it was not clear who may be involved in these investigations.  The purpose of today’s meeting was to clarify reported information.  But, more questions have arisen.  The most important one is:  Can we trust what the president says?

What now?

Americans can confirm that President Trump had no proof when he alleged that Obama had a wiretap on him.  But, what about the other allegations in which the president complained that the Russian situation and the election frauds were part of a Democratic conspiracy?  It seems that despite party affiliation, Comey et al. are willing to do what the American people hired them to do, investigate and report.  Hopefully all concerned citizens will remain vigilant.  We all must hold our leaders accountable for their actions.