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Finally, the financial disclosure of documents containing the economic ties of leaders in the Trump White House are available.  Around 180 staffers produced their financial statements.  Since they are public officials, this is an important process.

President has not submitted his financial disclosure

The White House began rolling out personal financial disclosures for some officials late Friday night.  This is a lengthy process.  Although the documents are available to the public, the time it takes to read through them is exhausting.  These documents show what the staffers were invested in prior to and after joining the Trump Administration.

The documents show the personal assets staffers had when they started working at the White House — that’s before some divested holdings or resigned from positions that could be seen as conflicts of interest.  The results of these filings confirm what most critics had suspected about many of the White House employees.

Financial Disclosure prove cabinet picks are well-paid

Steve Bannon earned somewhere between $1.3 million to $2.3 million last year. About $190,000 came from consulting fees for Breitbart, roughly $125,000 was from a data firm that worked for the Trump campaign and about $60,000 came from a conservative nonprofit organization.

Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter, and Jared her husband, Jared Kushner, reported assets valued between $240 million to $740 million.  They do have fiscal interests in Trump’s International Hotel in Washington, D.C.




Kushner  did resign or divest from over  250 organizational positions.  Some of his family members are likely still involved in these deals, especially since they are family owned.  However, he will remain a beneficiary for many of his interests, even if he is no longer a decision-maker or board member.

Kellyanne Conway rocked the boat with her consulting ability.  Her filing shows she made over $800,000 consulting important clients including the National Rifle Association and the Tea Party Patriots.

And White House press secretary Sean Spicer disclosed he made $260,000 as chief strategist and communications director for the Republican National Committee.  However, most of his income is from real estate investments and trust fund payouts (although the income large goes to family members).

And the president’s financial disclosure?

President Trump and V.P. Pence  did not have documents in the release.  Since they were elected, they must provide these documents.  It is not clear whether they have applied for time extensions.  We do know that the president has been very busy lately.  So, hopefully he will disclose soon.  The law requires that he does.

Trump  was required to disclose his finances last year during the presidential campaign. At that time, the filing showed at least $1.5 billion in assets and over $600 million in annual income.  A recent update to his financial disclosure may put fears at bay.  Some politicians claim that there is some special tie with Russian.  But, such a tie is not evident in the review of his staff members.  Click on the link to the documents and read them yourself.

This story was first broken by By Tyler Adkisson
April 1, 2017

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