On a day that many Americans celebrate as the day of Love, the Trump administration is breaking up.  Not only is the White House mixing up documents, it is losing employees.  Earlier this week the president complained that leaks coming from the White House are a major concern.  Now, he is faced with the loss of a senior adviser.  Of greater consequence is whether the president is telling the American people the truth.

In today’s briefing (1pm) by the Press Secretary, Sean Spicer said that Donald Trump had been considering General Flynn’s position in the White House for weeks.  He and the government leaders were talking daily about the situation for weeks.  But, as recently as Friday 10, 2017, President Trump claimed to not have any information about Flynn’s conflicts.  In a live exchange, he even appeared confused that reporters were asking about General Flynn.

The appearance of lies from the White House have the potential of disturbing the trust that citizens may have for their government leaders.  It is for this reason that “the President asked for Flynn’s resignation.”  According to Sean Spicer, President Trump asked for Flynn’s resignation because of the appearance of mistrust.  The president felt confident that Flynn’s interactions with the Russian Ambassador were in accordance with the law.  Since there was so much conversation about the topic, he felt that the situation had become insurmountable.  General Flynn had to leave in order to maintain a positive relationship with the American people and foreign leaders.

The number of Resignations from Trump’s Administration is Growing.

Concerns about the president’s cabinet choices continue to rise.  Currently, it is believed that the President will tap either General David Petraeus, retired Lieutenant General Keith Kellogg, or former Navy SEAL Robert Harward.  Each of these potential candidates has proven experience with homeland security, but how they handle sensitive information remains to be seen.

Lou Dobbs calls for Gorsuch to withdraw his nomination.

Most of the president’s cabinet picks have endured criticism by the media.  Kelly Anne Conway’s “alternative facts” and Sean Spicer’s definition of a “ban” have the media wondering what the president’s message is.  President Trump has even made some reporters wonder “what does he mean when he says words.”

It is no doubt that this is a Valentine’s Day to remember.  Hopefully, the American people and President Trump can at least find some joy in the potential Saturday Night Live skits that are certain to have some satire about this holiday.  Although there may be some humor in the “on again, off again” style of this presidency, the choice in this nation’s leaders is no laughing matter.

According the Washington Post, President Trump knew that Gen. Flynn had made misleading statements to Vice President Mike Pence.  Some senators may investigate why Flynn resigned.  This calls into question the many inconsistencies stemming from the White House.  Is it now standard procedure to keep the citizenry ill-informed?  The question of real news is now a daily debate.