On Wednesday 22, 2017 people will be talking about these issues.  What does that mean for the average American or International?  Why should we be concerned?

  1. Donald Trump wants to use the rules to enforce an old law allowing the NSA to deport illegal residence of the USA.  On the surface, this is a positive agenda.  The president should and must uphold the law.  He must also uphold the ideals of the law.  Deportation of illegals is meant to protect the interests of USA citizens.  It appears that the president will be removing criminals from the country.  However, it is possible that government leaders may use this as a way to discourage undocumented aliens to admit their occupation of America.  President Trump mentions Mexicans, but this implies ALL undocumented immigrants.  Potentially, illegal or undocumented residents may find themselves at the mercy of human traffickers, with no recourse.  Also at issue is what does the USA gain from this initiative.  That is for the American people to decide.
  2. Finally, after months of silence, the United States President Donald Trump condemns anti-Semitic actions. He furthers this by expressing the need to understand the difficulties of the African-American history.  Some people will be astonished to know that Jews and Blacks came together to found the NAACP.  It is not just a Black thing; it is an “others” thing.  Non-White Anglo-Saxon Christians have had a tough plight in American history.  This is a fundamental challenge of American politics.
  3. Several immigrants are hurrying to become citizens of the USA. Deportation is a major concern for new aliens, and immigrants of old.  It is interesting why now people want to become American citizens.  Seven years ago, these same people did not apply for these.  President Obama deported the most immigrants and illegal aliens of all presidents.  But, not international residents are fearing mass deportation whether they are criminals or just accused of being criminals.
  4. An Israeli soldier has killed a wounded Palestinian soldier. He was sentenced to 18 months of prison.  This is similar to an involuntary manslaughter charge.  The Palestinians are crying foul play, but the Israeli’s are saying that the charge and penalty are excessive.  This makes the movement to a one-state Israel very difficult.  Two sides have two ideas.
  5. The protest continues in Dakota. However, it is likely that all of these efforts have fallen on deaf ears.  Media coverage has declined and people who want work are pushing for the pipeline to plow through the Indian reservation.  There is little change made available.
  6. Many testosterone treatments have claimed to reverse the signs of aging. Yet, recent studies show that memory and other mental functionalities do not change based one’s use of these treatments.  While an erection can be increased, juvenile does not seem to follow the same suit.  These pharmaceutical companies are using one study to claim all studies.  They seem to be inaccurate at best.
  7. Popeye’s will become a part of the Burger King franchise.
  8. Hate crime is not illegal in all states. People must learn which states accept crimes of hate as part of normal crimes.  South Carolina is one of these states.  How many other states have no laws on the books for this?
  9. People around the world are discussing hate crimes. They are discussing racism and nationalism.  What does it mean to be a bigot and how does it affect our communities?  These are major questions that are a part of today’s debates.
  10. It should go without saying that Milo Yiannopoulos resigned after many allegation of impropriety. He has been accused of having sexual relations with girls and boys.  Although there are little grounds of evidence, it appears that such accusations are enough for a leader to excuse himself of office.  Breitbart has been known for conversion views.  Why it is so concerned with this one, raises many speculations.  Why now is the business trying to be politically correct?