Thousands of citizens surrounded Trafalgar Square for an evening vulgar to show respect to those who lost their lives due to terrorist attacks at Westminster.  In disturbing terrorist attack, a man killed three and wounded 29 people.  Among this dead is a policeman.


This attack has brought London to its knees in pain.  According to Theresa May, the attacker sped through the Westminister bridge.  He then, stormed Parliament, killing an officer and wounding many.  He is “a maniac,” she said.


In wonderful display of support, concerned civilians joined family and friends in the streets of London.  They offered prayers and support for the city and its people.  The loss of life is always tragic.  It is especially painful when that loss comes without merit.

Khalid Masood was named as the perpetrator.  A 53-year-old British native, Khalid had some violent tendencies.  Sources have said that he was linked with extremists groups throughout his life.  Now, some news groups are blaming ISIS for the attack.

All lives matter.  So, it is unclear what the three deaths have in common.  One is an American visitor, another is a Spanish-speaking Englander.  The third victim is a British cop.

Queen Elizabeth II offered her “thoughts, prayers and deepest sympathies” to the people of Great Britain.  Now, is the time to heal.  Soon, there will be a time to respond.  Terrorism must end.