The most important news for Monday is here.  Although this was an eventful weekend, there are ten things that everyone will be talking about on Monday.  Here the are:

  1. Jimmy Kimmel made a few jabs at Donald Trump in his hosting of the Oscars.  At one point he asked Meryl Streep whether her dress was from the Ivanka line.  Black actors, Davis and Ali, were the first awardees of multiple black actors in more than 10 years. 
  2. Once again a Trump nominee refuses office. Philip Bilden recused himself as Navy Secretary.  This brings to question how the president is vetting his staff appointees.  If people are saying “no,” why is he extending the invitation?
  3. Thomas (Tom) Perez claims that he has the secret for uniting the party. He believes that a grassroots mission is most important to the party.  How he closes the gaps between Bernie supports and Hilary supports is the great question.Image result for perez
  4. Attacks in Mosul continue. The extremists take on the nation.  Several were either wounded or injured.
  5. Christians who fear for their safety leave Islamic areas. Many Egyptians who are Christian fear staying in Islamic controlled areas.  The government claims that it can not protect them.
  6. Mardi Gras is up to its usual antics. People drink too much and cause too much chaos.  Should motor vehicles be permitted in these areas?Image: New Orleans parade crash
  7. People’s Court Judge Wapner died at age 97. He is a legend and American Icon.
  8. Instead of launching a replacement phone, Samsung is showcasing its android presence in other vendors. Galaxy and Windows tablets use Samsung software better than Samsung can.  The features of Note 7 are in everything but Note 7.
  9. The Daytona 500 was won by Kurt Busch in a much contested final lap. There were too many crashes and too many upsets to understand it all.
  10. Muere Paxton died at age 61. His acting legacy leads on in real-live storm chasers who mapped out the symbol for GPS in his memory.  This shows the great impact that movies have on the legacy of science.  Paxton is to weather science as Star Trek is to cell phones.