Sapphire News and Entertainment was founded by Daniel Wayne on 1 February 2017.  The purpose was due to a growing interest in writing and persistent desire to understand what Donald Trump intends to do with his administration.  Out of fear for the future and a desire to influence it, Daniel started to write.

However, the enjoyment of providing shorter news stories has created a buzz here at SNE.  As the news center grows, the available content may increase.  At the moment it just Daniel writing the news.  In the future, we expect to offer special feature stories like “ask the teacher” and “what the coaches say.”

As it stands, many of President Trumps actions are positive.  In those instances, we will provide evidence of his success.  America is great.  Together, we can keep it that way.

Please share any ideas you have for news stories with  If you are interested in being a writer you may contact  Follow us on Twitter @sapphirenews1.

Sapphire News received its name from the special and rare collection of jewels that can be found in the world.  Sapphire is previous.  We hope that you will see will come to know and trust us, here at Sapphire News.