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Three CNN journalists resigned following a retracted report on the Senate’s Russia investigation.  President Trump wasted no time in exonerating himself after the announcement.  He immediately used Twitter to speak about the retraction and the reporters who chose to resign.

The retracted story published on CNN.com focused on Anthony Scaramucci, a member of Trump’s White House transition team and occasional CNN guest.

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According to the story, the Senate Intelligence Committee was looking into a connection between Scaramucci and a $10 billion Russia-controlled investment fund.  One side is not enough for accurate reporting.  News media outlets usually attempt to corroborate stories through several sources.

But the report only cited one unnamed source, and other outlets quickly found inaccuracies in the reporting. CNN later said its internal fact-checking procedures weren’t followed.  It is not clear whether the reporters were asked to resign, or chose to do so.

CNN report on journals who resign

A CNN source told the Washington Post the network couldn’t disprove the story, but there was concern about some points the story made. So it was pulled, and an apology was offered to Scaramucci, who accepted it.

CNN is now reportedly routing all its Russia stories through senior executives before publication.  During a time when professional journalism is under scrutiny, there is little room for errors: big or small.  Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN have faced troubles.  But it is in the best interest of all media to distance themselves from those who do not follow protocol.  Getting the news out is important.  But, getting it right is imperative.

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