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Russian President Putin wants to help President Donald Trump out: He says he’ll give Congress records of that controversial meeting Trump had with Russian envoys.  All meeting notes and memoirs will be freely shared with the press.  This would be great in clearing President Trump’s name in the latest controversies surrounding his administration.

But there’s a catch — the transcript request has to come directly from the Trump administration.  It is unlikely, that this will happen.  The President Trump rarely takes the initiative on items.  Even his budget proposals were not read by anyone in his staff.  So, why would he take the initiative to contact Putin?

President Putin supports Trump

Here’s a little recap: The Washington Post broke a story saying Trump disclosed highly classified information on ISIS to the Russian ambassador and foreign minister during a closed-door meeting.  Both Putin and Trump claimed that those accusations are false.  Proof from Russia would be greatly appreciated, especially since the US president rarely offers evidence for his own accusations (recall wiretap anyone?).





It’s not clear whether the record Putin is alluding to is a recording or a written transcript. Regardless, Capitol Hill doesn’t seem too interested.  The president knows what transpired, but he does not seem willing to allow the citizens of the US know what actually happened.  One GOP senator said the idea of accepting evidence from Putin is “absurd.”

Republican Sen. Marco Rubio said he’s not putting much stock in Putin’s credibility. Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff echoed that sentiment on “CBS This Morning.”

“If they want to send something, you know, hats off, send it our way. But whether it will be given any credibility — I can tell you its credibility would be less than zero,” Schiff said.  Regardless of how the administration feels about what the Russians may share, it may show at least the Russian perspective of our president.  Truly, we cannot take the words of a foreign leader at face value.  Leaders look out for their own first.  That is natural.  What is not natural is a US president acting like a friend to a Russian one.  When was the last time that happened?  Who calls President Putin a friend?

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