WASHINGTON D.C. – Shinzo Abe’s state visit to Washington D.C. was cut short unexpectedly the other day. The leader of Japan did not cite his reasons to suddenly cut short his White house meetings but sources from D.C. imply that Abe decided to return home after he & president Trump found themselves unable to agree as to what kind of lunch to share. It is reported that Trump requested of Abe that they go get some Panda Express. Abe responded to the president that he didn’t really care for that kind of food.

Trump is then reported as saying, “Really? Gosh, I can’t believe that! You know I really love your people’s food. Crab rangoon, moo goo gai pan, beef & broccoli. I love it all. Maybe you just haven’t gone to the right kind of restaurant. They all make it different & Panda Express is pretty good. In fact, it’s the best. The. Best. So what do you say, Shinzo?”

Abe then responded to Trump’s request by silently leaving the room, taking a limo to the airport, & boarding a flight to Tokyo. It is currently unknown when talks might resume.