The President  Trump established a direct assault on congressman Blumenthal.  President Trump attempted to take questions after defending his commitment to strengthening the military and securing the courts.  However, the very first question was enough for the President to end the press conference.  Immediately, he lashed out at the press and dismissed the meeting.

This may be due to the treatment that Sean Spicer received earlier in a press release.  On more than one occasion, Mr. Spicer explained that Gorsuch had not spoken against the President.  His words “had been taken out of context,” Spicer explained.

This is evident in Sean Spicer’s comments.  He even stated that he had already answered this question “eight times.”  The media wanted to know how President Trump felt about Gorsuch’s words. They were met with resistance. As a result, they continued to probe the secretary for answers.

The final result was the President telling the press, and the American People, to “ask senator Blumenthal about his Vietnam record.”