The Tigers of Verlander took to the field Tuesday to begin preseason spring baseball.  The Red Sox are beginning their season without David Ortiz.  The Indians are hoping once again to be in the final round.   Baltimore is feeling confident.  Brian Flynn of Kansas is still out for a little while.  The death of Ventura and Ilitch have stymied the first days for Miami and the Royals.  The Minnesota Twins manager is battling cancer.  The Phillies are hoping to rebound from last year’s dismal performance.  The Giants are ready to once again be a top contender.  But, in baseball, it takes time, courage, and commitment.  Although so many teams and players and managers are facing life’s treatment, baseball brings in a time of excitement and rebirth.  As winter recedes, baseball intercedes.

Cover:  AP/ Noah Trister (J. McCauley)