On Friday, February 25, President Donald Trump had a busy and eventful day.  He signed several resolutions that held true to his campaign promises.  To this date, there are few presidents who can claim to have been as close to their promises to Donald Trump has been.

On one hand, this is great.  On the other hand, this is scary.  How can this be?  During the campaign trail, Donald Trump vowed to create a wall, export undocumented individuals, lock up Hillary Clinton, and put China “in its place.”  Along the way, he joked about some things and became adamantly serious about others.

What is seriously on the president’s agenda?  On Tuesday at 9m EST, the American people may actually discover what is the Trump Administration’s desire.   He will hold a “press conference” to explain his mission and vision for the United States of America.   “Make America Great Again” is a wonderful campaign slogan.  But, at the moment many citizens are fearful of the total tactics employed by this administration.

Sean Spicer, spokesman for the president, announced that the White House will be enforcing the national law concerning marijuana.  The president signed a resolution to end regulations.  The “fake news” was not allowed to attend a closed press conference.

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Okay, so there are some (maybe several) news agencies that are aggressive towards the president.  Why are they labelled “fake?”  What is the criteria for real and just?  Only recently, it was uncovered that the White House had published an inaccurate resolution and that the stats the president read to the press were false.  Is the president real because he is the leader? — and his adversaries fake because they are the opposition?

Let us look at some real facts.  In Michigan, the state government allowed for people to use medicinal marijuana.  It even issued licenses to growers.  However, just recently it began to enact its “seizure policy of 2008,” which allows the police department to take hold of any asset that it deems in violation of the rules.  What does this mean?  Basically, if a business is earning considerable income from legal marijuana distribution, and the police “believe” the business is in violation, then the department may seize all assets.  This includes things that may not necessarily be related, like cars and televisions.

Image result for arrestThe trouble comes afterwards.  If the group or individuals are found innocent, the items may not be.  This is because people are tried on the presumption of innocence.  Items are tried on the presumption of guilt.  Thus, assets may be “stolen” improperly, with little recourse from the people.

Sean Spicer’s announcement about the “enforcement” now makes legal residents worried.  Will only democrats be targeted?  No one knows the full extent of this directive.  The other question rests on President Trump’s mission to loosen regulations.

He claimed that the Obama regulations caused a total of $873 in costs to the American people.  This sounds like a great deal of money.  President Trump was not clear on how this figure came to be.  Was it a total of fees or was it a yearly fee.  Using President Trumps numbers, the average citizen spent a little over $2200 in regulations with Obama.    If it were an aggregate of the total eight years, most likely, then the American citizens spent about $330 per person, per year to keep America safe.

It is important the leaders keep things relative to the American working class.  How much is it worth for you to feel safe in your business deals?  Is it appropriate that he government charge you less than $500 per year or do you feel that the amount is too high?