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Legal marijuana use, at least recreational, is back on the table in Canada.  Anonymously, an official told CBC that a bill is coming in April.  Some liberal party members expect to place a bill before the House that all provinces can support.

Federal and provincial governments will have shared control over pot sales. The federal government would have licensing power over marijuana producers.  But, provincial governments would oversee “distribution and pricing.”  This is a win-win for those concerned about health, safety, and finance.

Benefits of legal marijuana

Some scientists have noted that marijuana may help weaning people off of opioid additions.  At least in several areas in the United States, agencies have seen a decline in pain killer purchases.  In addition to the healthcare aid, legalized marijuana will enable the government to place strict controls, so that fewer children will have access.

No one younger than 18 could buy it. Some provinces may want to raise that age requirement. The proposed law would also limit the number of plants households my maintain.


Government leaders are evaluating recommendations from a federal Canadian task force.  Legalized marijuana can help prevent overdoses.  It will even ensure that customers are purchasing marijuana that is not laced with dangerous drugs.

Prime minister promised legal marijuana

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised to legalize marijuana on his campaign trail. At this point, there has not been any legislation on the matter.  But, that may change soon. Some of his advocates say they’ve felt cheated because this administration seems to be tougher on marijuana than conservatives have been.

This feeling emerged from reports that police raided several dispensaries.  But, those raids are for major illegal operations.  And, the investigations had been in the works for many months.

Legal marijuana was a main goal of Trudeau’s Liberal Party. The party believes that the unregulated marijuana market increases the ability for children to get weed.   In addition, taxes from the market can be used to in other ways.  And, it will strengthen the police force, because it will have one less crime to consider.

CBC reports the new legislation would go live July 1, 2018. It would need to pass Canada’s House of Commons and Senate before becoming law. As of Tuesday morning, federal officials hadn’t said anything about the CBC story.

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