In a special election in Kansas today, the American people witnessed a shocking truth:  National elections do not support local opinions.  People want and demand the truth when they believe it affects them.  In the 2016 election, Donald Trump defeated Hilary Clinton by a considerable margin in Kansas.  However, it seems that the margin of victory is fleeting.

Recently, James Thompson, a registered Democrat, entered into the congressional election of the 4th district as “a long shot.”  The National Democratic Committee did not send any funds to aid his campaign.  Inspired by Bernie Sanders, Thompson forged on without compromise.

Kansas gets behind Thompson

His supporters grew.  His name gained favor.  People started to wonder whether this guy could get things done the way he intends to do them.  In fact, he finally caught the eye of the Republican National Committee.

Even President Trump decided to chime in about this race.

That was not enough.  Ted Cruz paid a visit to Wichita, Kansas.  People want to know that their candidates are really going to support their causes, not the causes of Wall Street.

Kansas not happy with Estes

Ron Estes, the Republican candidate, has been accused of voting for his biggest donors.  Supporters of Ron say that he has “a free mind.”  He makes his own decisions.  Critics claim that “he always votes with his wallet.”

Regardless of one’s views, Estes is “old school” and Thompson is “new blood.”  The two are competent and competitive.  How Thompson was able to survive the negative campaigns and “big” money and even bigger names is the greater question.

In the 2016 campaign, Hilary Clinton seemed the favored candidate.  Some claimed she lost because she was a woman.  Others say it was because people did not like her.  However, it most likely was due to campaign strategy and timing.  Thompson is following a movement inspired by Bernie Sanders.  It appears to be working.  Whether other politicians will get on board with this line of campaigning is a major question for the next four years.  By winning the Presidency, the Republicans may be losing the house.

Kansas becomes the next movement

This happened with the senior Busch administration.  American people grew increasingly less fond of the “politics as usual” and found favor with the little known man from Arkansas.  But, for all the reasons people loved Bill, they seemed to hate Hillary by the same measure.

Maybe the people of Kansas see Estes in the same light as Hillary.  Maybe they see Thompson as an agent of change.  This has been a tight race.  It is definitely an embarrassing loss for the Republicans, given that this is a Red state and they have given all of the biggest names they can to it.  But, maybe the American people are becoming less Red and Blue, and more “me and you.”

The winner in this election is not the Republican or Democratic party.  Both are clearly still trying to understand the new thoughts of the citizens of the United States.  But, the American Dream is the true victor.  No matter the outcome, it is clear that anyone can challenge for top positions, with the right drive, passion, commitment, and ideas.

As of 9:10pm CST, Estes is leading with 2000 more votes.  Stay tuned for updates.