The Trump health care bill, known as the AHCA, faces an uphill battle today.  Among the critics of the bill are leading Democrats and Republicans.  It is not necessarily a party line issue.  But, leaders are scrutinizing each detail.

Why do men need maternity health care?

Micael explains the importance of things that otherwise seem useless.  Namely, health care is unpredictable.  Men face traumatic experiences.  Their children need protection as well.  Just because we do not understand its full value at the moment, does not mean that the expense is senseless.

What is essential care?

It is likely that none of the Democrats will vote for the Trump health care plan.  This means that 22 Republicans make the difference in its success or failure.  It is unclear what negotiations are taking place.  But, it is likely that senators are scrambling to make decisions.  The president expects a decision, one way or the other, by 4 p.m. EST, today.

Republicans were hoping to have time to determine what parts of the health care were essential.  Therefore, they tabled the discussion on Thursday.  But, pressure from the White House has brought the debate full circle.  President Trump demands, a “bigly” decision today.

From a perspective of affordability, the debate is really between health insurance companies and health care providers.  How much does it cost vs. how much is it worth.  On the surface, everyone seems to have the patients best needs at heart.  But, from the sounds of the debates and haggling, it seems they are debating who gets the “bigger piece of the pie.”

Is the debate really about private vs. public insurance?

HMOs and PPOs may be a smoke screen for false coverage.  Taxpayers who believe they have coverage, sometimes find that the insurance only covered a few dollars.  The insured are stuck with the bill.  Medicaid and Medicare are different insurances, but with similar problems.

Republicans and Democrats agree that their are problems with the current system of wellness.  The ACA was an attempt to bring all of government health care into one branch.  Now, the AHCA is being suggested as a way to deregulate health care.

People on the right and left agree that all Americans deserve affordable coverage.  Thus, the debate is how that should look.  Should government be involved in health care?  Should companies be allowed to earn millions on the backs of the sick and dieing?