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Johanna Konta

The first British woman victory in the Miami Open just happened.  In an exciting display of raw talent and skilled perseverance,  Johanna Konta launched her tennis career into full swing.  Caroline Wozniacki was all that stood in her way.  Now, the future is much brighter.

First British woman win!

Although Konta, 25, is number one in Britain, she is not ranked number one in the world.  In 2015, her world ranking was 146.  Her victory over the previous Danish number one female tennis player was significant.  Now, Konta ranks number 11 worldwide.

In addition to her high ranking, she takes home considerable prize winnings.  £940,000 is no small change.  Konta has appeared in four final matches in three WTA tours.  This was the third time she claimed the grand prize.

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