Just when you claim your team is the worst in the country, the DOG tournament arrives to prove you’re right or wrong.  Google www.dogtournament.org.  Do we want success or failure?  It can mean the difference between winning or losing.

Yes, somebody who can’t get enough of college hoops has come up with a twist on tournament play.  The NCAA’s teams with the worst records have been invited to play a tournament in Honolulu (Stan Sheriff Center at the University of Hawaii).  They play Monday, March 27, Tuesday, Thursday, with the championship game on Saturday at noon, so that the winning (losing) team may post a victory by everyone on the East coast at 6:00 pm.

Dog players come in second

The number one seed is really the worst team.  We expect that team to lose.  The number sixteen team is expected to win and exit the tournament the first day.  You see, the winner of each game is out of the tournament.  Thus, you end your season with a win in your final game.  Losers advance.

In the “championship” game, the two teams who have not won a game play each other.  Thus fifteen teams end their season with a win and one team carries the burden of being the worst team in the nation, having lost another four games.

Who would accept this sort of invite?  Well, anyone who wants a chance to go to Honolulu and end their season with a win.  You arrive in Hawaii on a Saturday.  You leave the following Saturday after the so called championship game.  The first game is Monday.  If you win (each team must believe it will win), you have a whole week in Hawaii with no games to practice for, just wide open beaches and fun, fun, fun.

When is it best to be the under dog?

The psychology of this?  Are good teams in the NCAA tournament motivated to win the championship as much as bad teams in the Dog tournament are motivated not to lose?  How big a motivator is fear?

The name “DOG” tournament came from wow…worst of the worst.  Wow became bow wow for dogs.  Thus, the Dog tournament.  It only makes sense that sponsoring the tournament is a dog food company.

Check Saturday’s date and mark your calendar.

Cover- Randy Wright