What is happening to our democratic institutions?  

This question is not easy to answer.  It seems that for the first time in the U.S. history, the White House is under serious attack.  But, the question remains whether that attack is coming from other governments or our own.  With all of the recent firings in Washington, one may consider President Trump’s firing of FBI director James Comey a normal occurrence.  After all, Hillary Clinton, the Democrat presidential nominee for 2016, predicted this.  “Do you want a ‘you’re fired’ president or a ‘you’re hired’ president?”  was a common theme during her campaign.

Democratic institutions protect citizens from attack

putin and trump destroying democratic institutions

Critics of Clinton claimed that they could not trust her. One thing is for certain, she nor her husband ever fired the people charged with conducting an independent investigation of their activities.  People make mistakes.  They may be right or wrong in their actions.   Supporters of Trump, enjoyed his “tell it like it is” attitude.  However, cover ups and direct disrespect for the office is not tolerable.  The democratic institutions of the FBI and law enforcement are slowing eroding.  President Trump has fired two other law enforcement officials, Preet Bharara, and Sally Q. Yates, both were part of the Russian inquiry.  Will the new hires stay far away for Russia?  Or will they be cozy, like our current president appears to be.

Who else is attacking democratic institutions?

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has claimed that he wants to revert back to older ways of enforcing the law.  Older ways bring back memories of disparity between White Americans and Black Americans in our jail system.  A White American who uses Crack Cocain used to serve less time than a Black American who used Crack Pipe.  President Obama made great strides in closing this gap of disparity.  Now, Sessions, with the support of an unpredictable president is looking to ignore or subvert the law.

How to support our democratic institutions

Call Congressman Rob Wittman (202-225-4261 or 804-730-6595) and ask him to investigate the president.  He must not defend the arrogance and inconsistencies of this administration.  The people deserve a fair and honest investigation of the president and his decision making.