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British man David Taylor has been jailed for six years for murdering a policeman on the Indonesian holiday island of Bali.

Taylor, 34, and originally from Halifax, was found guilty of hitting Wayan Sudarsa with a bottle on the popular Kuta beach last August.

His Australian partner Sara Connor, 46, is also accused of murder – the verdict in her case is expected soon.

The pair have always insisted that they were acting in self defence.

Sara Connor, who has two young children in Australia, has denied she had a role in killing Mr Sudarsa. She said she had only tried to separate the men when they fought.

Prosecutors were seeking an eight year jail term for Ms Connor, on charges of group violence causing death.

The court had heard Ms Connor and Taylor were enjoying a night on the beach on 16 August when they became aware her handbag was missing, and separated to search for it.

Taylor has said he approached Mr Sudarsa believing the policeman may have stolen the bag, and the encounter escalated into a fight.

Mr Sudarsa was found dead on the beach in Kuta in the early hours of 17 August. He had been beaten with a bottle and his own binoculars.

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