Barron Trump took a stroll around the White House with his parents on Friday … the first time he’s been seen there since Donald Trump took office.  It is good to finally know that he is with his father.  Sources were concerned that Barron may not have an adult male figure around him.

The president’s 10-year-old son walked across one of the lawns with Melania.  She was decked out in red.  Before boarding Marine One to start a weekend trip to Mar-a-Lago, the first lady paraded her son around the complex.

Now that it is clear the president’s son has joined the White House, when tempers call for the president?  He has been on edge lately.  Especially with the Russian talks, Trump has had some strange encounters.  Will he be at ease, knowing his son is nearby?

TMZ broke the story.  Barron and his mom will be moving to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Finally, they will move to the White House in June. Guessing he scoped out a bedroom during his visit, Barron is excited about his new home.