Thousands of jobs are being removed this year by employers who can not make ends meet.  The Indiana-based retailer, Hhgregg is closing 88 stores in the Richmond, Virginia, and regional areas.  This comes as a surprise and shock to many Henrico residents.  A few years ago, Hhgregg brought in a new area for the collapsed “Circuit City,” which was once a giant in electronics in Virginia.

In order to remain financially solvent, the company announced Thursday that must close 33 percent of its operations.  All of the stores in Richmond, Virginia will close.  This includes Huguenot, Short Pump, and Colonial Heights.  Hhgregg will close all of is 12 Virginia stores.

The cost to Virginia is about 1,500 jobs.  Will President Donald Trump intercede on behalf of the employees who will be losing their jobs?  It is not clear why Hhgregg can not make enough profit to stay the jobs that it is dissolving.  However, a link to taxes and customer interaction may be relevant.  President Trump is a self-proclaimed “great negotiator.”  Can he, or will he, intercede on behalf of American workers so close to the D.C. area?

Circuit City was once the greatest electronic chain in the nation.  However, the growth of online sales and marked-down retailers has led to the downfall of many specialty centers.  Hhgregg seems to be in the same dilemma.  The question is whether President Trump can negotiate on behalf of these retailers.  The nations needs to keep and retain high quality jobs.  Virginia is about to lose thousands of jobs to Internet companies.  How will it compete?

When will thousands of jobs matter to the public?  Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Florida will also face this difficult situation.  People want to work.  The nation needs high quality jobs.  Is the president ready to assist with people and states who truly need intermediaries?  We certainly hope so.  A nation that has great jobs with wonderful employees is a country that is capable of tremendous growth and development.  Jobs are key for the future.