CNN to host town hall featuring John McCain, Lindsey Graham

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) called the executive order (ban) a “huge misstep.”  He advised the president of the US to understand the difference between threats and service members.  Senator John McCain (R-AZ) agreed with Graham on the issue of using the executive orders correctly.  McCain believes that Iraq is an ally, not an enemy.  The enemy is “ISIL.”

In a town hall meeting with audience members from across the country, both senators fielded serious, light, and tough questions about the state of our nation.  One tough question came about voter registration.  Senator McCain said that it would be a serious situation if the Russians had succeeded in interfering with out elections.   “What the Russians tried to do could have destroyed our democracy,” the senator said.

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Senator Graham wants to help Donald Trump.  He believes that Trump is correct on everything but Russia.  “When it comes to Russia, the president has a blind spot.”  Graham spoke directly to the Republican party, saying that Hillary’s campaign was hurt by Russia.  Both senators admitted that we only have sources through news headlines, not intelligence personnel.

One particular lady asked why should Russia be a foe, not a friend.  Senator McCain cited that Russia is invading and has invaded many countries.  People had died there.  “Putin is a thug and a killer,” said McCain.  We can gain peace by being strong against Russia.  Graham claimed that Putin “hates democracy.”  Graham did not see Putin as a friend, but as “a crook.”  He called for the president to be tougher on Putin.

Questions were fielded about Crimea and the Ukraine.  Russia is winning, but the US has not been successful in this situation.  Both Senators blamed Obama for the failed efforts.  Senator Graham said that “Putin will not stop until someone makes him stop.”  However, he also said that President Trump is the right man for the job.  He just has not done it yet.  Nonetheless, he demanded that the president be strong and powerful in the war in the middle east and with Russia.  He claimed that education is where that begins.

Sunnie Adams complained to Senator Graham that she and other Republicans feel that he has undermined the president.  His response was that he is always going to be honest, not just political.  McCain also responded with proof that he and true leaders do not just “go along to get along.”  They are supporting the troops and the country, not the party.

Senators McCain and Graham answered Dr. Derksen’s question about Medicaid and Healthcare.  McCain wants to repeal and replace.  Graham wants help from the Democrats.  The senator told the American people that the youth need to work longer, the elderly need to pay more, and smokers should pay more for health care.

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Some Americans are concerned about North Korea and its nuclear abilities.  Senator McCain seemed confident that the US can hold its own there.  But, the South Korea turmoil is also a major concern.  Nevertheless, he said that China needs to step in to help.  “This guy’s nuts… he just killed his half-brother,” said Senator Graham.  He went on to further insult and attack the leader of North Korea.  If he attacks or threatens to attack the US, Graham is confident that they will “regret it.”

The micromanagement of President Obama was a major problem according the McCain.  Not hearing angry shots, cripples our leaders.  McCain wants more help in the military.  He went on to explain that Trump’s leaders have experience.  Graham added that the Veterans should be taken care of by the American people regardless of the situation.  ‘Competition’  let us end it there.