The president will “extinguish this vile enemy from our planet.”  Addressing congress, President Trump promised to remove Isis and protect the nation.  Donald Trump complained that the current vetting situation is to blame for letting in people to the U.S. who may “do us harm.”  Along with the building of the wall, removal of undocumented aliens, and tax reform, the president promised that the American people will have more and greater jobs.

In the House Chamber, President Donald Trump opened the evening with a standing ovation in honor of the First Lady.  A second round of applause came after the president recognized the history of Black History month.  Almost immediately afterwards, Donald Trump denounced hate crimes against Jews and other religious groups.  His message of the night was about “unity and strength” and removal of the “vile enemy.”

“What we are witnessing is a renewal of the American Spirit,” President Trump said prior to lamenting the recent recession and concern about drug abuse.  His message continued this mantra that citizens of America must come first.  This led to the president bragging about the new jobs opening in the upcoming months.

Much of his rhetoric mimicked the actions of his campaign trail where he called radical Islamic leaders the “vile enemy.”  This included “draining the swamp”  and for “each new regulation, two old ones” must be removed.  He promised that coal will be popular again and that new pipelines in the USA will consist of “American steal.”  The president also renewed his promise that female entrepreneurs will get all of the support that they need.

According to President Trump, “We will stop the drugs and provide support to those who have become so badly addicted.”  His speech was about the drug cartels and addictions to pain medications.  These actions have led to many Americans being at the mercy of doctors and illegal drug distributors.

Donald Trump used Abraham Lincoln to prove why he has decided to war with other foreign governments.  He said that Harley Davidson leaders said that some countries tax American vehicles 100 percent.  President Trump said that he believes in Fair Trade as well as Free Trade.  He claimed that the current system is not good for America.  In his view people will quickly enter the middle class by reforming trade and immigration.

Nation building was another major topic for the president.  He claimed that the 6 trillion that America spent on foreign countries, America could have been rebuilt twice.  Using “private and public capital” he will upgrade roads and bridges.  All of this will be done with American workers, he said.

Finally, the president called on all congressional leaders to “Repeal and replace Obamacare.”  He claimed that health care will be better for every American.  However, he said that the cost should be lowered without forcing Americans to be insured.  The president said that the state of Kentucky saw more than 100 percent increase in health care costs.  On this issue, in particularly, congress was divided by party line.  Republicans applauded, but democrats shook their heads.

Ironically, the president opened the evening with wanting to unite the nation.  Yet, the attack on Obamacare was a direct assault on hundreds of democrats who had worked for over three decades to get the universal health care stated.  President Trump called for the removal of forced insurance.  Donald Trump did not say whether he wanted people to be free to not be forced to have car insurance or home owners insurance.  He made it clear that people should be free to chose healthcare, whether they can afford it or not.

President Trump introduced Megan Crawley on Rare Disease Day (2/28).  He said that at age 5 Megan was diagnosed with an incurable disease, but has miraculously survived because her father sought cures outside of the US.  On this issue, he blamed the FDA for not approving drugs in a timely manner.  On this he said that education will help people of the nation.

President Trump claimed that all students should be able to chose any school.  He cited Denisha as a student broke “the cycle of poverty.”  With public funding she attended a private school that lead to her admittance into college.

Also, the president said that Americans should break the cycle of murder and crime.  People, he said, should “work with, not against”  those who work in law enforcement.  Donald Trump recognized that the police are friends of the community.  On this note, all of the congressmen (Dem. and Rep.) stood in applause.  The president promised to give a voice to people like Jemele Shaw, who have been victims of violent crimes.  Susan Oliver and Jessica Davis lost their husbands to “illegal aliens,”  who shot the police dead, according the President Trump.

The president ended with the military who will keep out the vile enemy.  “They only have to win,” he said.  President Trump claimed that he will call on congress to increase military spending, veteran funds, and victories.  Honoring those in uniform, the president announced that “non are greater” than those who are soldiers.  He asked everyone to honor the memory of Ryan Owen, who died in a military raid.  The president’s words were very moving, as visible tears could be seen from Ryan’s wife and family members in the audience.  “We will never forget Ryan.”

The president said that he wants to stay out of war.  He also announced that he wants to represent USA not the world. The speech concluded with a vision that Americans will be inventors and wealthy citizens.  “We can only get there together,”  he said.  Reminiscing words of Martin Luther King Jr., the president said, “we are all made by the same god.”